Mimilogs Android Mobile App is an all-in-one e-commerce logistics solution that helps Nigerians and Ghanaians to buy anything from 1688, taobao, alibaba, tmall or any Chinese website and ship to Nigeria or Ghana without any assistance or waiting for a quotation.


You can paste link of any product on 1688, taobao, tmall on Mimilogs Mobile App and click "Get Product Info" and Mimilogs Mobile App will fetch the product information translated to English for you to select options like size, color, etc. You can tell our Chinese purchasing department anything you need them to consider while placing your order for each product link from 1688, taobao, etc you add to your Mimilogs mobile App “Import from China” cart, by adding the special request or instruction as comment on product order page before checking out your order.


Through our Mimilogs mobile App, you can request for us to help you pay your Chinese or Turkey suppliers without stress or extra bank charges, and at unbeatable exchange rate.


In fact, if you are looking for a platform that offers affordable solutions to your logistics need as a business owner, a student, corporate organization or traditional trader, then Mimilogs mobile App is your best bet.


You can download Mimilogs Android Mobile App on Google Playstore by searching for: Mimilogs on Google Playstore. The App is compatible with all Android mobile devices, it is designed to fit in all devices even with a small space of 4.1mb, so you don't need to worry about your phone memory or data consumption.


If you encounter any challenge while downloading the Mobile App, please contact our customer care for assistance. Remember, you can click Chat Customer Care on your dashboard after you download the App to chat with any of our customer reps instantly on WhatsApp.




If you are a Nigerian, after you download and install Mimilogs Android App on your Android phone, go ahead and register by selecting Nigeria code: +234 on the App, then enter your GSM phone number like this:  7056839500, don't start with the '0" in front of your phone number. After you enter that, request for Mimilogs App to send you verification code, enter the code sent to you via sms and click enter to log into Mimilogs App where you will see your dashboard. 


On your Dashboard, you will see your "Wallet Balance", that is where all the money you paid through our Mobile App manual recharge will be stored for you, and if we also refund you any excess money for any reason, you will see it on your wallet balance, and if you are owing us any money for extra charges, it will be deducted from your wallet balance, and if you don't have enough money in your wallet, it will show as a negative balance. Example: -₦500, meaning you are owing us ₦500.


STEP 1: To order on 1688, click on "Import from China or Turkey" and then click on "1688" and the page will open for you to enter the link of the product on 1688. The product link will look like this: (if you are using mobile phone to browse) or (if you used laptop to get your product link).


STEP 2: After you paste the product link on the space, click on "Get Product Info", and wait, Mimilogs will fetch the product information by pulling up the product image, sizes, color, and names translated to English for you. Select the size or color you want, quantity, if you have any special request for that link, add it as a comment at the end of that page, then click on "Add to Cart". Do this for all the product links you want us to help you order on 1688, until you have entered all your links.


STEP 3: then click on the menu button at the topmost left side, and click "Cart" and then tick to select all the products you added to your cart, and Mimilogs will automatically calculate the total cost of buying the products on 1688 or taobao for you and also help you convert the money to Naira using our current RMB to Naira exchange rate as at the time you are placing order.


Please remember that we will charge you 4% of total purchase cost as processing fee, and the App will add this as commission when calculating your total money.


Also the App will add 25 RMB local Chinese delivery fee from seller office to our China office which is known as "freight". This 25 RMB may not be the actual freight charge, we can only know the actual freight charge after we process your order and send to seller on 1688 or taobao, etc, so if the seller charges less than 25 RMB freight, our admin will refund the excess freight back to your wallet balance for each product link. But if the seller charges more than 25 RMB, we will deduct the extra freight charge from your wallet balance and if you don't have enough money on your wallet, it will show there as negative balance meaning you are owing us, and before you pickup your goods from our office in Lagos, you must clear your wallet negative balance.


NOTE! Please before you place Buy4me order on Mimilogs mobile App for us to help you order something on 1688, taobao, tmall, etc, kindly check our current shipping fee from China to Lagos Nigeria by clicking on "China to Nigeria Shipping rate" on your Mimilog mobile App dashboard when you log into the Mimilog mobile App. Also to know the rate of our RMB, click on "Pay Chinese or Turkey Suppliers" and you will see our RMB rate for that day.


As soon as you are done placing your Buy4me order for us to help you order on 1688, taobao, etc, please note that our buying and goods receiving time is between 2 - 5 days, depending on how fast each seller delivers your order to our China office. So always add this time delays, but don't count weekends and international holidays. 


To know the status of your order, check your dashboard on Mimilogs to see the current status. As soon as you successfully place your order on Mimilogs mobile App, our Chinese buying team will start the order your products within 24hrs due to time difference, so even though the status might say "Pending", please note that your order is being processed. The next update will be "Fully Bought" meaning we have bought all your orders and waiting to receive them at China office. After that, the next update you will see on your dashboard is "Shipped" meaning your order has been shipped to Lagos Nigeria, and then last update will be "Received" meaning you have received your order from our Lagos office.



When you are using Mimilogs mobile app to place order on 1688, taobao, tmall. Remember every seller on 1688, taobao, etc charge a delivery fee to deliver whatever you order on their store to our office in China, and we call it freight charge. 


This freight charge is calculated based on the distance of the seller's office to our own office in China, + total weight of the item you are buying from the seller's store on 1688. So the freight is calculated by two key factors:


Factor 1: Distance
Factor 2: Weight in kg.


To make it easy for people to automatically order and checkout on our mobile App without waiting for quote, we made the freight for every product you input on Mimilogs fixed at 25 RMB. But the actual freight charge could be less or more, and we can only know the actual freight when our Chinese team start to process your order.


So what we do is, after you place order, our Chinese team will process the order by ordering them on 1688, taobao, etc and if the actual freight is less than 25 RMB, we will refund the excess freight back to your wallet on Mimilogs.


But if the actual freight is more than 25 RMB our App automatically charged you when you paid for your order, we will debit your wallet with a negative balance which you must pay before you can pickup your goods when it arrives our Lagos office.


To go straight to Google Play Store on your mobile phone to download Mimilogs, CLICK HERE

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