This is an appeal from us, please we no longer release goods to customers without full payment of the total shipping+clearing fee paid by the customer. Because of our leniency of releasing goods to customers who couldn’t pay for their shipping fee, or those who paid part-payment and pleaded with us to release their goods promising to pay the balance in a matter of weeks, which most times turns into months and some years now, we have lost a lot of money that even threatened our business and my job personally as the head of logistics and customer relations here in Nigeria.


In lure of these past horrifying experiences, I am officially informing all our existing and intending customers that Mimi Logistics no longer releases goods to customers on credit even if you are my sibling, cousin, parent, lover, etc, it does not matter, going forward we will now treat business relationship as business. So please don’t come to me with any excuse seeking for your goods to be released. Remember Mimi Logistics is not a non-profit organization, neither is it a government funded organization; it survives solely from the little proceeds it makes from serving people in various ways.


We would have loved to continue with the previous policy of releasing goods to people on credit, but the economy toll on us is no longer funny…we are currently operating at a deficit due to the global pandemic and also as a result of so many unpaid debts our customers are owing us since 2017; some abandoned their goods with us, some who carried their goods on credit refused to pay to date, and I am also using this medium to appeal to all those owing us in one way or the other to please pay up. Help us not to go out of business, pay up your debt as promised, it is wickedness to intentionally continue to owe us hoping that we will forget it or in the belief that it won’t affect us or that we have enough, please we are still a growing startup trying to become a major player in the industry, please don’t kill our progress, thank you.

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