No, Mimi Logistics does not check or verify quality of products ordered on 1688, aliexpress, alibaba, taobao, etc.


We only do quality check for big importers importing in large quantites like container load, and directly from Chinese factories and suppliers.



We strongly advice our clients to first buy 1 or 2 or 3 samples of any product they want to order from any Chinese website that they are not sure of the quality. Order few samples from one particular seller maybe using our express shipping method so that you can receive it on time, and if you are satisfied with the quality of the product after you receive the sample, then store that product or seller store link on your business diary so that you can be ordering the product from that particular seller you are satisfied with his or her product. This is the only practical and reliable way to avoid buying poor quality products from China websites.


Remember, 1688, and other China websites are B2B e-commerce portals, they don't have return policy, so whatever you see is what you get, sellers do not accept or receive returned orders most times.


Meanwhile, we do carry out product quality check for big importers who are dealing directly with their suppliers and are fully prepared to pay our service charge for this service.


Please NOTE that we do not check quality of products ordered online at, alibaba, aliexpress, taobao, etc because they are B2B website portals, whatever you see is what you get, no return policy so even if we check the quality, we cannot return it to the seller.

But there is refund policy to protect you in cases whereby seller did not ship out the product ordered through our buy4me service. In this case, our job is to protect you by raising a claim on the website for seller to refund the money for the order, and once the money is refunded we alert you and credit the money to your wallet on our site or refund to your Nigerian bank account if you want. This is one advantage of using our service to order or buy things from China websites; we protect you from Chinese scammers who may take your money and not ship what you ordered directly from them. We have refunded more than 50 Nigerians after Chinese sellers failed to ship the goods they ordered through us, or when they delivered less than the quantity they ordered for, we refund them.


For more details about our China product quality inspection cost and procedure, CLICK HERE for details.


If you want us to verify if a Turkey supplier' in Turkey is real or fraud before you pay the supplier, CLICK HERE for details

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