For those already selling on Amazon USA, Mimi Logistics can help you buy anything in China, package it according to Amazon FBA packaging guideline, and then send the goods directly to any of the Amazon FBA warehouse of your choice in USA as indicated on your Amazon store when preparing your inbound products on your Amazon seller central dashboard.


If you are into Amazon FBA, you can contact us separately for this service for further discussion, thank you.


For those that are not selling on Amazon already, you will need to get a verified Amazon seller account first, then we can handle the procurement and logistics aspect for you, chat with our customer care for more details.


To get a fully verified Amazon seller account as a Nigerian or non-USA citizen, you will need to register a company in the US to enable you open a legitimate seller account on Amazon. Remember, this will cost you money to achieve, but if you have the money, it is worth it.

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